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Film/Script Title Synopsis Duration/Length Country of Origin Language Trailer Award
Paula's decision Paula (13) lives in a rural area in northern Navarre. She is member of a local Baha'i junior youth group. Paula and her rival Ane, are getting ready for the annual youth cross, which both of them expect to win. 0:21:34 Spain Basque, Spanish https://youtu.be/Ca0FLDXeM1k Best Actress
A Son’s Gift Guided by the spirit of her deceased son, a bereaved mother is empowered to redefine her role as her mother’s care giver as well as her future role as a death shaman and grief warrior. This profoundly moving true story depicts that of a single mother’s life-changing journey of loss, trauma, and an unexpected career path prompted by the untimely death of her son. Adapted from the book, A Journey of Unconditional Love. 102 Pages United States English   Best Screenplay
Weight and Distance A man and woman meet and fall in love and we examine the scope of their relationship, from the sweet heights to bitter depths. 0:04:36 United States English   Best Drama Short
Cruel World As he drives down an old dirt road John has one thing on his mind: "Reunite with the woman he loves". The journey is prolonged when his SUV runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Luckily a mysterious old man intervenes and points him in the right direction. He arrives at a campground in search of gas and is introduced to the fiery and sarcastic store clerk Taylor, who is less than impressed by his blatant rudeness. When two drunken customers arrive and start trouble John is forced by something beyond his control to intervene. It seems fate has different plans for John today. 0:16:01 Canada English https://youtu.be/M17Tv5IiHWg Best Thriller
Titi Woo - To All Who's Out There A music video which depicts a boy who is letting go of his life. 0:02:49 Israel English, Hebrew https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/17428203 Best Music Video
The Take Out Move When a shadowy figure instructs two different men to take out the same woman, they both end up at her home at the same time and must fight each other through absurd situations to be the one to complete the assignment. A truly independent, action-packed, R-Rated comedy produced for only $3,500. 1:14:00 United States English   Best Comedy Feature
When All That's Left is Love When All That’s Left is Love is the emotionally gripping story of a wife’s determination to care for her Alzheimer’s-stricken husband in their home. With unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access, the film reveals the toll that the disease takes on families coping with Alzheimer's, while also showcasing the power of love that sustains both patients and caregivers. 1:17:24 United States English   Official Selection
THE DEVIL'S TAIL After lying to the cops to protect a loved one, Black-bi playwright Zete is still paying for it thirty years later. Now running a boat crossing and off-grid island campground, he carries his burdens deep inside. Up the hill at her manor house, his ex: failed artist Alice Briggs life learning curve is taking a long time to reach. Since age ten, a curse of deadly accidents, bad luck and failed relationships have kept her living in the past. The next curse is due in a week. Dance, drink, and dangerous letter writing are the artist's escape from caregiver duties, and today's high-tech reality she knows nothing of. Soon, a lonely matron and her young gay gigolo are about to arrive for a weeklong camping trip they'll never forget - and Alice's world will be turned upside down with the sudden arrival of her last living relative: hunky gay banker Ace. This time, Alice empowers herself to break her curse, get Zete back in her arms, and step into today - but how? A Dramedy/Rom-Com introduction to the characters of The Devil's Tail: Failed artist and hoarder Alice's lifetime curse at her father's former evangelical scandal-ridden retreat; broken lives; LGBT loves; isolation; struggles to survive; ageing; disability; townsfolk confrontations; and adventures at the off-grid island campground of odd balls escaping the city. Life is always more beautiful on the surface of "The Devil's Tail". 0:35:34 Canada English https://vimeo.com/400057080 Best Fantasy
Review In a video message, a social media acolyte invites other women to have sex with her boyfriend, but only if they film their review after. 110 Pages United States English   Best Narrative
The Waste Land A rural youth who has nothing to do and becomes insane due to his persistent pursuit of love 2:10:10 Not Specified Chinese https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/17095511 Official Selection
The Flight of a Seagull I've had vacations in Azov Yalta many years ago, it was a popular and happy place. Now it's hurt to see its abandoned buildings. The nature isn't alright and the people are leaving this area. 1:32:35 Ukraine Russian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aVXkK4TyOo Best Documentary
Time passes like flowing water It is difficult for a child who named is tiger to be accompanied by his mother. Because his mother is a head nurse. He grew up lonely and thought his father was on the film screen. Until he met an old film projectionist, they became friends. Tiger understands his mother, but the old projectionist died of illness. During his lifetime,he told tiger:The best time is preserved in the film.
pays homage to:Nuovo cinema Paradiso
0:25:00 China Chinese/English   Best Actor
Blue Nora, born in a decent family, came to an island in Asia to escape from the anxiety of her coming wedding. She met a girl named Rox when watching the Mermaid performance, she met the actress Rox who desired to be a mermaid. They became close friends and Nora was never aware that it was a trap by Rox's boyfriend. In the wonderful ocean, the two girls were diving, laughing and having great time. Rox cannot stop telling the truth to Nora. On the other hand, Nora's fiancé also came to this island looking for her. They were overwhelmed by flush, temptation, conspiracy, and betrayal. In order to escape the pursuit of Rox's boyfriend, the three finally jumped into 0:30:00 China Chinese/English https://youtu.be/9n-xrb0x4Ew Best Editing
Still Walking Liu shouhe, an old shadow puppet artist with Alzheimer's disease, stubbornly waits for his grandson to come back in the village. At this time, two young volunteers came to the village, hoping to help Liu shouhe recover his memory. 0:28:00 China Chinese/English   Official Selection
The fairy tale town It's a fantastic short film. In a city with only children, a children's war broke out. 0:15:00 China Chinese/English   Best Cinematography
Another way Father, mother and little daughter have a trip out of city to relief their tense life. During this trip father chooses another way, which appears fatal. Family crosses the parallel world at this way. The fatal choice is in the pre history of it. Only their subconscious is able to decide if they'll manage to escape from this world and will meet each other again. 1:34:39 Georgia Georgian https://vimeo.com/506534991 Official Selection
I MARRIED MY MOTHER "The Universe only obeys the law of love ... at the rest, universe rebels ..." Saverio discovers that his beloved mother, Rosa, is suffering from Alzheimer's syndrome. Disturbed by this, he decides to take her to his home, but because of family problems that arise, soon he is forced to take her to an assisted health residence. One day, at his mother's house, he accidentally finds love letters that his father wrote to her. Saverio reads them to his mother, and unexpectedly realizes that dormant emotions resurface overwhelmingly in her. He decides together with the animator to represent them in a show. These love letters through the mechanism of reminiscence, They will "defeat" the Alzheimer's syndrome at least for a moment... and the son, Saverio, through these, will in turn have some benefits, rediscovering the meaning of the word love. 1:24:00 Italy Italian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEuDfxutDVY Official Selection
Maria the Korean Bride: Ghost Wedding Ghost marriages are an ancient—and now outlawed—tradition in mainland China. Nevertheless, it persists and is still practiced in various communities in Asia. Maria the Korean Bride, the voice of an unmarried Asian-American woman, challenges this tradition by participating in this ritual and questions how the societal pressure on women to marry continues even after death. 1:10:00 United States Chinese, English https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/17194908 Official Selection
Koreatown Ghost Story In this supernatural horror tale based on a Korean ritual starring Margaret Cho and Lyrica Okano, a woman entertains a macabre offer that would let her pursue her dreams, for better or for much much worse. 0:14:52 United States English https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/18294572 Official Selection
HORROR This film was initially inspired by Francis Bacon's disfigured portraits and then gradually transformed into a hybrid visual soundscape of my emptiness and hope in the current daily life in Paris, full of endless loneliness and sufferings caused by the global pandemic. Therefore, I titled my work simply "HORROR". My previous films have always been collective works, but this time I wanted to create a sort of self-portrait, so I was in charge of all the visuals and music production. All work was carried out with my aim of combining analogue and digital technology, in order to create the interaction between sound and image of my imaginary landscape. 0:10:23 France     Best Experimental Film
The Last Day of Paradise It’s the mid 1980s in a small Greek village located on the hilltop of Mount Olympus. Sunday, a cool, confident 17-year-girl, lives a carefree life, mostly hanging out with her gang at the local bar while her happily married parents run their convenience store. But all that changes when on a “pretty ordinary day” Sunday’s father (Yiannis) enters the store furious and grabs Sunday’s mom (Chrysa) from her hair, demanding to know if his only daughter, is his biological child. Late 1960s, same village, different girl, same age. Young-Chrysa, Calliga’s favorite daughter, heads for church accompanied by her entire family. Meanwhile, on the less prominent side of the village, Young-Yiannis is awaken by his best pal, who has come for help because his reputation has been tarnished by the village’s sissy the previous night at the local bar (Paradise bar). Young-Yiannis comes up with a plan; his pal will kiss a virgin in front of his friends and his reputation will be restored. The two friends head for the church where they will execute their plan. But when the moment comes for Young-Yiannis’s friend to kiss the virgin of his choice (Young-Chrysa), Young-Yiannis cuts in, grabs Young-Chrysa and kisses her instead. Although after that kiss Young-Chrysa’s prospects of marrying within the family’s social status are at stake, the Calligas aren’t about to hand their daughter to a pauper. As the two chronologically different stories evolve, the two women (daughter and mother) realize that they have much more in common than they initially thought. In the end, as Sunday’s parents’ love story loses some of its mythical glamour, Sunday crosses the threshold into adulthood and matures emotionally. 109 Pages Greece English   Official Selection
Cage the Bear - Stellar Intervex Cage the Bear 3 - Stellar Intervex is the epic conclusion of the Freevengers trilogy. Rival alien spaceships converge upon Earth as a prelude to war. Caught in the crossfire, humanity is infected with a mind control virus. The Freevengers must join forces with Allspace to save Earth from total destruction. 1:39:03 United States   https://vimeo.com/461443441
Q&A: https://vimeo.com/461070906
Official Selection
ANOTHER IN THE FIRE A true story about a Hollywood stuntman who overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles with the help the most unexpected place. 111 Pages United States English https://www.martialartsentertainment.com/michael-sinclair-walter/ Official Selection
Herr Herrmann Mann It's a day like any other for amateur athlete Herr Herrmann Mann - his wife Frauke Mann is rampaging once again. With "little night music" by Mozart playing on his Discman Mr. Mann hastily puts on his running shoes and flees into the nature. At the railway crossing in the forest he can take a short breather in front of the closed barriers. Suddenly he realizes why Frauke was so furios: He forgot her umpteenth wedding anniversary. 0:04:36 Germany German   Best Comedy Short
Our Land, Our Altar The demolition of a neighborhood affects the identity of a community and the sense of belonging, forcing its people to adapt. "Our Land, Our Altar” witnesses the everyday routines, rituals, relationships and the tension caused by the impending demolition of the towers where Aleixo inhabitants have lived in their entire lives – as gentrification dictates the dispersion of these low income communities. 1:17:25 Portugal Portuguese https://vimeo.com/455984684 Best Feature
Snow Shelter Frigid winter in a war-devastated, present-day city. Several years have passed since the destruction, and the city is slowly rebuilding. A thirty-year-old guy is living as a squatter in an apartment with a group of strangers. He struggles to survive and also to find a little more comfort in this rough setting. One night he nearly burns the flat down, hoping for a warmer sleep. His roommates start hating him, so the guy has to find another shelter. 0:16:09 Lithuania Lithuanian https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/16303343 Official Selection
Untraditional film about corruption "Korovai" Korovai is a documentary about corruption. The film has no investigations, revelations or accusations. At the center of the story is not an impersonal global system, but a person with his feelings. Through the stories of ten persons, the authors of the film explore how corruption permeates a person's life from birth to death. How this phenomenon has become part of everyday life, moreover - almost a tradition. But the leitmotif of the film reminds: even the oldest Ukrainian traditions can be changed. Is corruption really as irresistible as we are used to hearing? 0:45:26 Ukraine Ukrainian https://youtu.be/fgrBnOKAyi8 Best Ukrainian Film
Day 6 The film "Day 6" shows the life of an ordinary rural family in the Poltava region. In their yard, together with mom, dad, younger brother and sister of the author of the film live a dog, several generations of cats, goats, chickens and ducks. They all have their own territory, agenda and responsibilities. While the world is feverish with pandemics, wars and social change, the inhabitants of this small ecosystem experience birth, death, gladless and farewell every day. Like their ancestors for hundreds of years, the Mykolaienko family lives in a special, loving and practical relationship with animals. But will this connection stand up to urbanization, and what kind of relationship will little Vsevolod build with the world? 0:20:31 Ukraine Ukrainian https://youtu.be/HrPyzhF088Y Official Selection
CHECK, PLEASE ! FIRST SHIFT Julie is a French immigrant who just moved to NY to pursue her American dream and starts working in a small chaotic restaurant. It's her first shift and nothing goes as expected. In addition to the customer’s weirdest requests, Julie also has to deal with a co-worker animosity. It sucks to be the newbie. 0:07:02 United States English https://youtu.be/mkiAibAdeo4 Official Selection
Faith and Branko This intimate documentary follows the cross-cultural relationship between musicians Faith and Branko. Shot over seven years, the couple's relationship is tested by the realisation that music may be all they have in common. 1:22:00 Serbia English, Serbian https://vimeo.com/204006304 Official Selection
His Shadow A young man is haunted and tested by the shadows of his past to choose between the path of self acceptance or self destruction. 0:32:19 Canada English https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/17428595 Official Selection
Тріумф (Triumph) Як кажуть, якщо хочеш щось зробити, то зроби сам. Але якщо вам замовили вбивство...краще доручіть його своєму колезі. Історія заснована на реальних подіях. 0:12:30 Ukraine Ukrainian   Official Selection
Suave The end of the intermission rings. Tonight, the opera house presents the Marriage of Figaro. Laetitia, a young singer discovers a few minutes apart her pregnancy and the infidelity of Nicolas, her partner in life and on stage. She curses him. Somehow, she tries to stay focused but deep down, it is sadness, anger and nostalgia that invade her. Thanks to music things change. 0:15:02 Belgium     Official Selection
Unreal Boys Three young men in Tokyo explore the limits of fantasy through the manga genre shota, which features fictional boys in sexual situations. We follow an aspiring artist who wants to “live in a fantasy forever”, a youtuber who records his interactions with a shota game, and a manga artist driven by nostalgia. While trying to understand a controversial phenomenon that blurs the borders of actual and virtual realities, the researcher participates actively in the shota culture and ends up realising something important about himself. Unreal Boys is part of a master’s thesis in Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Universität Berlin. 0:35:47 Germany English, Japanese   Best Director
The Tall Bike Joust In the year 2020, a deadly virus spread across the earth, destroying economies and scaring the crap out of everyone. But wait, there's more... The next year, and because we clearly needed another global crisis, from outer space a runaway comet hurtled between earth and the moon releasing even more cosmic anarchy. The heights of our already crumbling civilization were tested and ruined. From that wreckage a bold new world emerges where the few and the quick take to the streets, inevitably constructing bicycles of immense height, and settling their differences by the law of the lance in bizarre joisting tournaments in craft brewery parking lots. 0:15:00 United States English https://vimeo.com/362174872 Official Selection
Volunteer A film about the unprecedented Swiss grassroots movement of regular citizens who rise to aid thousands of refugees stranded at the European borders. 1:33:00 Switzerland Arabic, French, Italian, Swiss German https://vimeo.com/391062891 Official Selection
SILENCE Inspired by a few youngsters in a coffee bar talking about aging, a busy man sinks into the idyllic surrounding of a lake. At this place the man seems to have turned into an old Gentleman who lingers and enjoys life at that unique spot. His thoughts and encounters at the lake seem to be magically linked with the man in the coffee bar and its visitors... "The particular slowness of this film is captivating and allows the moviegoer an emotional glimpse of their own life" 1:11:00 Germany German https://vimeo.com/329177737 Best Producer
Surprise in the Night High-powered Business Executive, Jacqueline Simpson confronts the male gaze, questions female stereotypes, and patiently leads a crew of hung-over employees to success without breaking a sweat. 0:18:40 Canada English https://youtu.be/w-9nlX6w3HU Best Cast
OUTSOURCE A professional ex-spy "BASHSR BLACK", with his overdramatic silly twin brother, and a gun handler as a side kick, go undercover to help a friend "Chief of Police for the city of Manila" on a last mission, to catch an underground market kingpin. After completing the mission things turn for the worst, when the Chief is murdered with evidence pointing at Bashar himself. Now it's a Personal Mission for Bashar to find the real killer of his friend, and clear his own name. 1:41:29 United States English https://filmfreeway.com/submissions/18252319 Best Comedy Feature
Please, Have a Seat! Nadia is a nail artist who is obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness. She tries to maintain a “perfect” world around herself, but one day, a new client, Kristina, comes to her beauty salon and messes up everything. The chaos helps both women see the world differently. 0:11:20 Russian Federation Russian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHVxK-g-f8I Best Short
PETRA & PETER - A Tale of Two Siblings PETRA & PETER is a family drama about consequences of both alcoholism and adoption for two very different siblings. We follow Petra, who is adopted from Guyana, and her Swedish brother Peter parallelly for five years. They are grown up and now living separate lives, dealing with separate struggles. But they have one thing in common - both want life to be something else. 1:13:33 Sweden English, Swedish https://vimeo.com/361464938 Best Drama Feature
Kunstspäti The timid young man in „Kunstspäti“ dreams of dancing. A performance in an underground art location inspires him immensely. An intimate encounter afterwards makes him feel warm and accepted, but he still doesn’t follow through with his feelings. Finally, he let’s out his energy in an unexpected place. 0:09:47 Germany English   Official Selection
Who Will Remain? Attempting to better understand her grandfather Avrom Sutzkever, Israeli actress Hadas Kalderon travels to Lithuania, using her grandfather’s diary to trace his early life in Vilna and his survival of the Holocaust. Sutzkever (1913–2010) was an acclaimed Yiddish poet—described by the New York Times as the “greatest poet of the Holocaust”—whose verse drew on his youth in Siberia and Vilna, his spiritual and material resistance during World War II, and his post-war life in the State of Israel. Kalderon, whose native language is Hebrew and must rely on translation of her grandfather’s work, is nevertheless determined to connect with what remains of the poet’s bygone world and confront the personal responsibility of preserving her grandfather’s literary legacy. Woven into the documentary are family home videos, newly recorded interviews, and archival recordings, including Sutzkever’s testimony at the Nuremberg Trial. Recitation of his poetry and personal reflections on resisting Nazi forces as a partisan fighter reveal how Sutzkever tried to make sense of the Holocaust and its aftermath. As Kalderon strives to reconstruct the stories told by her grandfather, the film examines the limits of language, geography, and time. 1:00:00 United States English, Hebrew, Russian, Yiddish https://youtu.be/08KVwsUzha0 Official Selection
Kyiv's desert Buildings and construction sides have flooded Kyiv, even recreational areas are not an obstacle to the greed of building companies that destroy beautiful national parks, forests and reserves. And what if in the process of frantic urbanization, the pursuit of money and not thinking about potential threats that seem so distant and illusory, the answer will be given by Nature itself. 0:05:19 Ukraine Ukrainian   Official Selection



Програма 25-26 травня 2019


25 травня

Відкриття першого дня Київського кінофестивалю 15:55

Час Назва Режисер Країна Жанр
16:00-18:15 Aqua Mamas Maria Møller Kjeldgaard Данія Короткометражний
  Flossenburg Heejoo Kim Німеччина Анімація
  Comrade Sebastian Martin Genovski Болгарія Короткометражний
  ENTRE DEUX EAUX Patrice Cordonnier Франція Короткометражний
  Girlfriend Experience Ritter Charles Франція Експериментальний
  ASYLUM PARK Shanu Sharma Індія Документальний
  The Photographer Bertrand Normand Франція Короткометражний
  Woman with an Editing Bench Richard James Allen Австралія Короткометражний
18:15-18:30 Перерва. Кофе-брейк.      
18:30-20:00 JUST A FLING Gorune Aprikian Франція Повнометражний


26 травня

Початок другого дня кінофестивалю 15:55

Час Назва Режисер Країна Жанр
16:00-18:15 Laymun Catherine Prowse Великобританія Анімація
  MY LAND Katerina Balabay Україна Короткометражний
  01 Julian Friedrich Німеччина Анімація
  Object Labuta Filmes Бразилія Експериментальний
  Crabgirl Sergiy Pudich Україна Короткометражний
  Béa Isabela C Мексика Короткометражний
  An Untold Story of Paperboats GYPSY KHERA Індія Короткометражний
  SIN BAR Maryna Kovalevska Україна Студентскiй
  DJS ERIC BUISSON Великобританія Короткометражний
  Hiatus Patrick Jeanneret Швейцарія Короткометражний
  CELESTE. Awakening Olga Bondaruk Туреччина Короткометражний
  LUKA - Don't let me go Sergiy Pudich Україна Музичне відео
18:15-18:30 Нагородження. Red Carpet. Фуршет      
18:30-20:00 Melting souls François-Xavier Destors Франція Документальний фільм